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Ventures Growth

We are experienced business development executives and entrepreneurs who believe in the innovative and disruptive value of tech start-ups and of those seeking to scale their proven business to the next level of high growth.

We adopt highly flexible and collaborative ways of working with tech founders and executive teams to help them take their products or service offerings to market and to scale their operations.

Defining industry and client-specific strategies and value proposition to bring out the unique selling points of a product or service is at the core of our capabilities. We also bring discipline and professionalism to the sales and marketing processes. Where appropriate, we will leverage our North American and European networks to proactively generate new opportunities that fuel growth, enhance profitability, and broaden the breadth of business relationships that benefit the technology venture (e.g. SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Migration solutions).

Our Ventures Growth services are unique to each company - both in terms of range of services and business arrangements. The following are but a few examples of how we can add value to Tech Ventures which could include Fintech, SaaS, PaaS, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain Platforms.

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