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Strategic Transformation

More than ever, winning in our fast moving world with increasingly volatile external forces comes down to an organization's ability to execute more effectively than its rivals. 

Finding a balance between sustained strategic agility and dependable operational excellence is tough for many organizations.


Top Right Quadrant consultants treat every client challenge as a unique problem to solve within the organization’s distinct business context and culture.

We bring fresh insight, clear thinking and deep industry expertise to the table. Working with corporate leaders, we co-create strategically aligned solutions with a clear path to execution to deliver measurable impact. Along the way, we help our clients challenge their ideas and test their hypotheses or preconceived notions of what good looks like to sharpen their vision and focus their execution efforts on what really matters.

We are senior executives with deep strategy, transformation delivery and industry sector experience who will hit the ground running to focus on our client’s most pressing priorities.

We get things done while passing on our knowledge to client team members from day one. 

Our Services

Compass Pointing North

Define and Execute Strategy

Whether we work on defining or updating a strategy, we help our clients begin with the end in mind in terms of outcomes, value, culture and capabilities - to name but a few key dimensions.

We work, support and enable our clients to:

  • Develop a strategy  with an actionable roadmap and a keen eye on execution to realize the intended business value,

  • Establish a Strategy Management Office for greater agility in execution and to ensure that value is delivered,

  • Align business capabilities to strategic priorities to drive strategy execution, people, operational and technology decisions as well as investments in innovation.

Scope of expertise

  • Business Strategy

  • Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • IT Strategy

  • People & Organizational Strategy

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

Transform Complex Businesses

Our experts have led major global business transformation and technology modernization programs. Some of the practices that we adopt to help raise our clients' likelyhood of success include:

  • Adopting a product delivery mindset, practices and operating model to better align with the strategic business capabilities and objectives.

  • Scaling agile delivery capabilities to the level of the enterprise.

  • Establishing clear pre-requisites for success such as: governance, delivery operating model, delivery leadership development. 

  • Ensuring there is clarity of purpose, approaches, roles, accountabilities, communication and engagement of key stakeholders (from team members and contributors to decision makers and board members).

Scope of expertise

  • Development of the case for change

  • Transformation Planning and Delivery

  • Distressed Program Turnaround

  • Independent Delivery & Risk Assessments

  • Program Portfolio Management

  • Stakeholder & Change Management


Boost Business Performance with Data

Scope of expertise

  • Data & Analytics Strategy Execution Planning

  • Data Strategy Execution (e.g. governance, operating model, metrics, technology, migration)

  • Delivery of applied innovation using AI/Transactional Machine Learning,

  • Secure sharing of sensitive data (e.g. credentials, health information, research, IP, contracts) to create a trust network with Blockchain

For decades, organizations have seriously struggled with effectively managing and extracting business value from the multitude of data, insights and analytics available to them.

Challenges range form achieving the most basic objectives of having reliable or correct data across the many fragmented applications to strengthening data governance, security and innovation with AI/Machine Learning capabilities.

Our view is that any investments in modernization, "digital", customer experience or risk management, to name but some examples of change priorities, must have a coherent, strategic and operational view of how best to leverage data - the lifeblood of any modern enterprise.

We work, support and enable our clients to:

  • Operationalize their data strategy while promoting a mindset that seeks valuable ways to leverage data,

  • Achieve real business value through applied innovation through AI and Transactional Machine Learning on real-time data do deliver advanced predictive analytics (e.g. medication fraud, trading volatility risk, commodities price prediction, detection of equipment failure in telcos, oil & gas, manufacturing, etc.) 

  • Get the basics right: from data cleansing and synchronization to safely migrating application data to the cloud.

Leaders who run the business are often asked to lead major change initiatives. Whether experienced or new to leading change, our goal is to support the success of these leaders and their teams by helping them to gain the skills, knowledge, insights and practices so that they can drive the successful delivery of change.

Our approach is to:

  • Provide highly personalized one-on-one support to the Transformation Leader or Sponsor in the manner that they need and that is most appropriate to each situation they encounter on their path of strategizing, planning and delivering.

  • Support delivery teams through workshops, training or on-the-job support to help them raise their level of delivery capability. 

  • Conduct an objective health and risk assessment of their initiative not just to identify areas for improvement, but to also provide a practical playbook that is specific to their context.

Scope of expertise

  • One-on-one coaching to address key transformation challenges or to support throughout the transformation journey,

  • Team training workshops with a tailored curriculum covering business, digital and IT strategy, business transformation planning and delivery, or business analytics,

  • Facilitation of strategy, planning and solutioning team workshops

  • Delivery of applied innovation using AI/Transactional Machine Learning,

  • Program Health & Risk Assessment and Playbook

  • Tailored services to increase the level of Transformation Delivery skills and knowledge. 

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Coach and Enable Leaders of Change

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